Senator McConnaughay ain’t ready for reform!

I’m not sure why she’d risk the almost inevitable lightning strike. Wouldn’t she be terrified of her pants spontaneously bursting into flames? Perhaps her nose now really is the length of two full football fields!

But in a fearless Farragut-esque damn the torpedoes maneuver, the current 33rd District State Senator and former Kane County Chairman ignored all of the obvious risks to pen a letter to the Tribune entitled “Keep Politics Out of Government Jobs.”

And I thought I had balls! No wonder she wears such long skirts. Hers must be hanging right down to the floor.

As a friend sardonically, yet correctly noted, “What! A hypocritical politician? That almost never happens.” True! But this brazen woman harbors a special kind of chutzpah that sets her apart from even the most audacious of those Illinois general assembly creatures.

McConnaughayTo quote another chairman, of the 177 State legislators, “It had to be her!”

You see, Karen McConnaughay coming out against political hires is like Attila the Hun doing a PSA denouncing rape, looting, and pillaging. It’s like Bill Clinton heading up a fidelity in marriage seminar. It’s like Rod Blagojevich teaching an “Ethics in Government” college class. It’s like Kanye West…well…by now you know what I mean.

The unforgivable and utterly antithetical nature of her Tribune missive simply can’t be ignored.

To make matters much worse, our esteemed State Senator from St. Charles is apparently willing to go as far as sponsoring legislation that will, “severely limit the number of employees who can be classified as exempt from stringent hiring laws,” and “prevent this cronyism from happening again.”

Just like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s response to Lorne Michaels’ post 9/11 inquiry regarding whether SNL could be funny again, I wanna say, “Why start now?”

Wow! The next thing you know St. Karen will be donating every last penny of the $1.5 million in campaign contributions she took in during her 8-year tenure as county chairman to the poor. And remember, it was then Beacon-News reporter Dan Campana who noted that 80 plus percent of that cash came from companies armed with hefty county contracts.

Daily Herald reporter Jim Fuller wrote a 2010 piece covering just her 2009 county contractor contributions, but it ran on his blog because the list was so long there wasn’t enough newsprint in Illinois to put it in the paper.

For comparison’s sake, McConnaughay predecessor Mike McCoy raised a mere $300,000 during his eight years. Republican Adam Andrzejewski, Open the Books head honcho and Chairman of the For the Good of Illinois PAC, referred to McConnaughay’s former fundraising efforts as a “legalized money laundering scheme.”

Then there were the all the political hires and connected consultants.

There’s no point in naming names at this point and some of those folks worked out well. But many didn’t, the most infamous of which was a former Kane County Animal Control director who happened to be a friend of McConnaughay campaign manager and general Republican lackey Chris Dudley.

The problem was, this director had no previous Animal Control experience and she drove that department straight into the ditch, costing Kane County taxpayers millions of dollars.

Oh! And by the way, Ms. Dudley now heads up the Illinois Film Office. I wonder how she got that job?

Do I really need to remind any Kane Countian of hires like the politically connected former Development Director Phil Bus who subsequently caught on as the Kane County Fit for Kids consultant? Phil wasn’t exactly the poster child for diving into a exercise program.

All I can say is, I’m convinced that our illustrious state senator has a staffer following her around with a fire extinguisher aimed at her lower half at all times.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps her time in Springfield has solicited some sort of political satori. Maybe, like the great Carlos Santana once implored, she really has changed her evil ways. Perhaps our former chairman now truly holds our best interest in mind and she’s on the brink of becoming the bright political light that the State of Illinois so desperately needs.


Recycling an old Beacon-News column ending which paraphrased the eminently insightful late 43rd Ward Chicago Alderman Paddy Bauler, “Karen McConnaughay ain’t ready for reform.”

7 thoughts on “Senator McConnaughay ain’t ready for reform!

  1. She ran for Senator, and we had to vote for her to get her OUT of Kane County government.

    Talk about a “Hobson’s Choice!”

  2. Unfortunately Jeff, every one of them is a hypocrite. None of them escape. I remember another chairman stating that he/she supported term limits…about 25 years ago.

  3. you could actually remove McConnaughay’s name insert Lauzen remove the reference to McC’s animal control director and insert Sauceda and have the same story. Dumbing one set of cronies for another. And the cycle continues

    • No you can’t! Rob certainly made a stupid mistake, but he brought KC Animal Control back to being completely self-supporting – was something Ms. McConnaughay never managed to accomplish on her best day.

      Not only that, but in his two years in office, Chairman Lauzen has taken in $87,000, primarily from individual donors. If you extrapolate that out through two terms, it comes to $345,000 or LESS than former Chairman McCoy took in and just 23 percent of what Karen “pay-to-play” McConnaughay amassed.

      Nice try though!

    • Oh! And should I start listing Chairman McConnaughay’s dalliances while in office? That’s quite a long list too!

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