This is the May 28, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

First, that Smiling Conservative and I want to thank Kurt Kozjarek for coming on and shining the light on all things Kane County. We love having Kurt on the show (despite his love for strippers).

Larry, Kurt and JeffThen the three of us discussed whether a school board faction should be printing newsletters denouncing the other team and holding town hall meetings after they’re already elected.

It’s not that Larry and I agree on everything, its’ the fact that we have the bleepin’ sense God gave a billygoat to understand what works and what doesn’t work within the vast political spectrum. That’s what makes Left, Right and You work!

And in that regard we want to thank Lisa for calling in and sharing her viewpoint on the infamous town hall meeting because she was actually there!

Monday! Elgin City Manager Sean Stegall comes on for what, I’m sure, will be a fascinating conversation! Until then…

It’s almost Left, Right and You go time!

I know you missed us on Monday, but we’re back with a vengeance baby!

Today! Having rescued County Board Member Kurt Kozjarek from that formerly undisclosed location, he will join the Smiling Conservative and me to talk about all of the County goings on which includes things like:

  • Lawsuits brought on behalf of strip club owners
  • Is there hope for the Kane County Sheriff?
  • Why Coroner Rob Russell has more trouble staying within budget than a Geneva housewife with 8 credit cards
  • Those eminently interesting anti-Longmeadow Parkway bridge folks who apparently overslept 20 years.


Then, Larry and I will move on to the Standards Based Grading Town Hall flop hosted by U-46 School Board members Cody Holt and Jeannette Ward. Not only did this type of pandering completely backfire, but it’s utterly inappropriate and irresponsible for sitting board members to go around the very Board on which they serve in an effort to undermine a precept that was duly voted on by the full board.

If either board member wants to call in at 847-931-1410 we would be happy to hear from them.

That’s Left, Right and You, Mondays from 9 to 10 a.m. and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones, and me, the Liberal Curmudgeon, on WRMN AM1410. I wouldn’t miss this one!

This is the May 21, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

And the Smiling Conservative and I want to thank 65th District State Rep Steve Andersson for coming on the show and sharing some really interesting insights about the process in Springfield. You’ll want to listen to the show just for that!

Andersson2Then, using my damaged right knee as a prime example, we discussed how American medical practices leave so much to be desired. Why is it so difficult to get MRI approval?

By the way, Larry and I will be spending Memorial Day with our families, so no Monday show. Don’t worry! We’ll be back next Thursday! Until then…

Let Left, Right and You make your Thursday better!

We do have a slight change of plans for today! Fearing that Kane County Board member Kurt Kojzarek would show him up and steal his LR&Y seat, Larry picked up his college daughter early and is currently holding Kurt in a undisclosed location. So the Smiling Conservative will be with us after all!

I wish I could tell you what’s gonna happen with Kurt.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a rant, that steak ends today when we discuss my attempt to set up an MRI for my right knee. Why is it that so many medical practices treat you as if they’re the client?

Then we’ll talk with 65th District State Rep Steve Andersson who will provide us with his keen insights into what’s going on in the State Capital. It’s getting down to crunch time down there folks!

anderssonTime permitting, we’ll more thoroughly discuss Debra Diaz’ $16 million lawsuit against the Kane County Board for standing in the way of her Blackjacks Gentleman’s Club purchase. Larry and I told you so!

That’s Left, Right and You, Mondays from 9 to 10 a.m. and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones, and me, the Liberal Curmudgeon, on WRMN AM1410. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

This is the May 21, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

Of course, the Smiling Conservative and I want to thank U-46 CEO Tony Sanders for coming on the show, being such a great guest, and, once and for all, addressing the Kane County Clerk’s tax error that’s so drastically affected the district. Again, if the Kane County U-46 portion of your tax bill is much higher this year, the school district had nothing to do with it.

It would be nice if Jack Cunningham and his staff took responsibility for their mistake by putting themselves out in front of this one, but, given past experience, I can tell you with certainty that will never happen.

Tony SandersWe also talked about the new U-46 school board,Tony’s school funding reform efforts, my favorite Principal, Lavonne Smiley, and some of the good things going on in U-46.

Thursday! County Board member and political pundit Kurt Kozjarek will fill in for Larry and fill us in on what’s going on at the County. Until then…

Left, Right and You always makes Mondays better!

The Smiling Conservative and I are gonna start your week off right with an in-studio visit by U-46 CEO Tony Sanders, We’ll be talking about:

  • The property tax problem and what (and who) really caused it
  • The newly seated school board members and what they mean for U-46
  • The school funding fixes Tony is lobbying for in Springfield
  • And some of the good stuff going on in U-46

SandersThat’s Left, Right and You, Mondays from 9 to 10 a.m. and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones, and me, the Liberal Curmudgeon, on WRMN AM1410. Don’t miss it!

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This is the May 14, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

Larry and I want to offer a huge thank you to local Elgin businessman and legalized Illinois sports betting proponent Michael Butirro for coming into the studio and sharing his ideas. Both Larry and I think he’s on to something.

Mike ButirroWe also want to tip our Left, Right, and You hats to Kari Christensen, project manager for the proposed downtown Elgin Shared Harvest Co-op grocer store. Let me tell ya folks, this is one local activist group that has their act together – Kari even managed to change Larry’s mind.

And it was a lot of fun to have two people on who not only have a vision for Elgin, but are willing to act on those thoughts.

Monday! U-46 CEO Tony Sanders comes into the studio to discuss tax issues, the new school board, and where the school district is headed. Until then…

Get ready for the Thursday edition of Left, Right and You!

On today’s show we’ll start with Elgin pizzeria own Michael Butirro who’s doing his best to bring legalized sports betting to Illinois. C’mon! Who wouldn’t want to bet on the Cubs to win the World Series?

Micheal Butirro (center) helped announce Small Business Saturday in 2014

Micheal Butirro (center) helped announce Small Business Saturday in 2014

Then the Smiling Conservative and I will finish off the show by talking with proposed downtown Elgin Shared Harvest grocery store co-op project manager Kari Christensen. I do think that group may be on to something!

ChristensenThat’s Left, Right and You, Mondays from 9 to 10 a.m. and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones, and me, the Liberal Curmudgeon, on WRMN AM1410. We certainly hope you’ll join us!

Senator McConnaughay ain’t ready for reform!

I’m not sure why she’d risk the almost inevitable lightning strike. Wouldn’t she be terrified of her pants spontaneously bursting into flames? Perhaps her nose now really is the length of two full football fields!

But in a fearless Farragut-esque damn the torpedoes maneuver, the current 33rd District State Senator and former Kane County Chairman ignored all of the obvious risks to pen a letter to the Tribune entitled “Keep Politics Out of Government Jobs.”

And I thought I had balls! No wonder she wears such long skirts. Hers must be hanging right down to the floor.

As a friend sardonically, yet correctly noted, “What! A hypocritical politician? That almost never happens.” True! But this brazen woman harbors a special kind of chutzpah that sets her apart from even the most audacious of those Illinois general assembly creatures.

McConnaughayTo quote another chairman, of the 177 State legislators, “It had to be her!”

You see, Karen McConnaughay coming out against political hires is like Attila the Hun doing a PSA denouncing rape, looting, and pillaging. It’s like Bill Clinton heading up a fidelity in marriage seminar. It’s like Rod Blagojevich teaching an “Ethics in Government” college class. It’s like Kanye West…well…by now you know what I mean.

The unforgivable and utterly antithetical nature of her Tribune missive simply can’t be ignored.

To make matters much worse, our esteemed State Senator from St. Charles is apparently willing to go as far as sponsoring legislation that will, “severely limit the number of employees who can be classified as exempt from stringent hiring laws,” and “prevent this cronyism from happening again.”

Just like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s response to Lorne Michaels’ post 9/11 inquiry regarding whether SNL could be funny again, I wanna say, “Why start now?”

Wow! The next thing you know St. Karen will be donating every last penny of the $1.5 million in campaign contributions she took in during her 8-year tenure as county chairman to the poor. And remember, it was then Beacon-News reporter Dan Campana who noted that 80 plus percent of that cash came from companies armed with hefty county contracts.

Daily Herald reporter Jim Fuller wrote a 2010 piece covering just her 2009 county contractor contributions, but it ran on his blog because the list was so long there wasn’t enough newsprint in Illinois to put it in the paper.

For comparison’s sake, McConnaughay predecessor Mike McCoy raised a mere $300,000 during his eight years. Republican Adam Andrzejewski, Open the Books head honcho and Chairman of the For the Good of Illinois PAC, referred to McConnaughay’s former fundraising efforts as a “legalized money laundering scheme.”

Then there were the all the political hires and connected consultants.

There’s no point in naming names at this point and some of those folks worked out well. But many didn’t, the most infamous of which was a former Kane County Animal Control director who happened to be a friend of McConnaughay campaign manager and general Republican lackey Chris Dudley.

The problem was, this director had no previous Animal Control experience and she drove that department straight into the ditch, costing Kane County taxpayers millions of dollars.

Oh! And by the way, Ms. Dudley now heads up the Illinois Film Office. I wonder how she got that job?

Do I really need to remind any Kane Countian of hires like the politically connected former Development Director Phil Bus who subsequently caught on as the Kane County Fit for Kids consultant? Phil wasn’t exactly the poster child for diving into a exercise program.

All I can say is, I’m convinced that our illustrious state senator has a staffer following her around with a fire extinguisher aimed at her lower half at all times.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps her time in Springfield has solicited some sort of political satori. Maybe, like the great Carlos Santana once implored, she really has changed her evil ways. Perhaps our former chairman now truly holds our best interest in mind and she’s on the brink of becoming the bright political light that the State of Illinois so desperately needs.


Recycling an old Beacon-News column ending which paraphrased the eminently insightful late 43rd Ward Chicago Alderman Paddy Bauler, “Karen McConnaughay ain’t ready for reform.”

This is the May 11, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

How can it possibly be a bad show when Elinor Richow calls in! We also want to thank Bob for offering his always on-the-mark thoughts.

The smiling conservative and I talked about:

  • Why State Senator Karen McConnaughay’s pants just bust into flames
  • How Bruce Rauner’s “Turnaround Illinois” resolution has aggravated absolutely everybody in Kane County
  • How, instead of poisoning coyotes, my lovely Geneva neighbors are poisoning pets
  • What the Illinois Supreme Court pension reform failure might mean for the State
  • The real reason Elgin’s Gasthaus bar was denied an outdoor liquor license
  • And how Mike Madigan showed Bruce Rauner who’s really the boss

On Thursday, we’re working to get someone who can tell us what the State’s gonna have to do next to fix the pension problem. Until then…