This is the April 27, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You

First, the Smiling Conservative and I would like to thank Dan for calling with an interesting question. Rest assured, other than whether you pull a Democratic or Republican primary ballot, no one is privy to who you vote for.

As promised, Mr. Jones and I rather thoroughly discussed all of the possible ramifications of the Kane County Sheriff’s self-inflicted budget whole. In the end, Larry and I differed a bit in our conclusions, but you’ll have to listen to learn what we think.

Jeff and Larry2We did agree on the fact that Kane County taxpayers will probably be paying a little bit more because of this.

Don’t forget! Thursday! Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs will call in to discuss any number of topics including, but not limited to, his first 100 days! Until then…

6 thoughts on “This is the April 27, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You

  1. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to listen (probably not until tonight) but my inquiring mind wants to know: did our “esteemed” sheriff participate in the discussion?

  2. The sheriff doesn’t show up for COW or budget meetings so I am not surprised he didn’t dial you up. What a weirdo! He does not play well with others, why did people vote for him? This proves that republicans do not do their research, they just vote for any bucking person. Why didn’t Perez campaign more for Mays?

    • Martha, I’m not a Republican and I voted for him. I thought his administrative background was stronger than Mayes and would be a better fit for the job of Sheriff. I obviously made a mistake. Don’t know if Mayes would have been better, but doubt he would have been worse.

  3. Hey, Martha! Are you a Chris Lauzen fan?
    He “Doesn’t play well with others” either.

    Maybe Don Kramer has seen how Coroner Rob Russell has been treated, and this has been
    a lesson to him to “stand clear.”

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