This is the April 9, 2015 edition Left, Right and You!

Of course, the Smiling Conservative and I want to thank our callers today and we certainly hope we’ve put to rest the notion of who or who isn’t conservative enough. If you don’t like something you hear on the show, the door is always open for anyone to come on and explain exactly why we’re wrong.

And if you choose not to avail yourself of that option, then you really can’t bitch about us either!

Meanwhile we liberally threw out the kind of post election insights that have made Left, Right and You world famous!

LRY2And speaking of conservatives coming on the show! Elgin OCTAVE head honcho Chuck Keysor will be joining us on Monday from 9 to 10 a.m. to refute some of my contentions. I’m sure that will be an interesting conversation. Until then…

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