This is the April 2, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You!

Larry and I want to that U-46 two-year seat School Board candidate Kai Rush form coming into the studio and sharing his passion for eduction. When you listen to the show you’ll quickly discover that there’s a reason his last name is Rush!

Larry Jeff and KaiWe’re sorry D304 School Board candidate Tina Yagla couldn’t make it, but we do hope her mother recovers quickly. In her absence, I explained why I’m leaning towards the conservative – but not minimalist – D304 school board candidates. You can’t tax old folks out of their homes!

Then there was the matter of Elgin OCTAVE, the group that will oppose your electoral efforts solely on the basis of a too dark suntan. So it comes as no surprise that OCTAVE singled out Rose Martinez. And why Deputy Kane County Republican Chairman and East Dundee Trustee Allen Skillicorn would hitch his wagon to that group is beyond me.

On Monday! Larry and I will offer a recap of all the candidates that came on the show and our thoughts on the various races. On Tuesday! Political commentator Kurt Kozjarek will join us from From 7 to 10 p.m. for a special election night Left, Right and You! Until then…

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