This is the Monday, March 16 edition of Left, Right and You!

Larry and I want to thank the Daily Herald’s Jim Fuller for calling in and debating journalistic principles with us. Despite whatever Jim or we think, the kerfuffle between the Sheriff and the County Board is bound to get more interesting!

fuller23We look forward to Jim’s regular election night call!

The Smiling Conservative and I would also like to thank Joan for not only calling in and reminding us that we should cover Aurora a bit more, but for telling us that she’s tuned out all the national bickering to listen to Left, Right and You! That’s the highest compliment any listener can pay the show

Per Joan’s request, Larry and I will look into the Aurora bond issue and the proposed St. Charles athletic center before Thursday.

We also provided our take on the current status of the local races in the second half of the show.

And lastly, due to a misinterpreted text, I mentioned that long-time listener and friend of the show, J. Koko, had a Joe Galvan for Elgin Mayor sign in his front yard. That was incorrect – he actually has a Jamie Hjelm for City Council sign.

Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. we’ll have Elgin City Council contenders Kyle Scifert and Fred Moulton back on the show. Until then…

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