The March 9, 2015 edition of Left, Right and You is…

right here for your listening pleasure:

The Smiling Conservative and I would like to thank 43rd District State Rep Anna Moeller for coming into the studio and sharing her unique perspective on the perilous road to a balanced Illinois budget. We will continue to have both her and Senator Oberweis on the show as that scenario plays itself out.

moeller2Then, we had a great time with former Batavia Park Board candidate, Mark Allen, who actually had the nerve to admit his opponent was a better candidates and he withdrew from the race! I’m not sure if he’ll get over my marriage proposal though. Larry and I certainly hope Mark runs for some other office in the future! After all, politics really doesn’t have to be a blood sport!

??????????To keep things interesting, Larry and I also had a rousing debate on the hefty new St. Charles drunk and disorderly fines. We’re not done with that subject folks!

Don’t forget! Pingree Grove Mayor Greg Marston will make his opening statement and outgoing U-46 School Board member Amy Kerber will discussion that contentious race on Thursday’s show.

Until then…

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