Please let Left, Right and You…

…warm you up!

Today, the Smiling Conservative and I will tackle Jackie Robinson West and how cheating is rampant in youth sports. For god sakes, the team that turned the champs in admitted that they cheat too! And I’ll give you plenty of examples on how local youth sports clubs regularly bend the rules.

Tonya Lucchetti-Hudson

Tonya Lucchetti-Hudson

Then, Tonya Lucchetti-Husdon and three members of the new Elgin Civics Club will join us to discuss how they plan on getting get Elgin folks involved in the political process. Larry and I certainly hope they have better luck than we have! Finally! Someone getting involved in the “right way!”

That’s Left, Right and You with the Smiling Conservative Larry Jones and the Liberal Curmudgeon Jeff Ward, today at 3 P.M. on WRMN AM1410 because we know – you can handle the truth!

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