The Tribune ain’t fooling anyone!

Did any of y’all take a really good look at the Tribune’s pre-Super Bowl Sunday sports section? And if you happened to do so, did you notice what I noticed?

On the front page there was a massive graphic of all the NCAA folks who were drafted before New England quarterback Tom Brady and Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson in the 2000 and 2012 drafts. Printed in the shape of Super Bowl trophy, it took up the entire front page.

The phrase that immediately comes to mind is, who gives a flying bleep?

?????????????????????????????????????Let’s move on to page three where a black and white – not color – photo of a couple of Seahawks players takes up more than half the page.

On page four they have a graphic of various Super Bowl quarterback stats in 137 point print that also takes up at least half the page.

Then, page seven pays respect to the late Ernie Banks with pictures that take up two-thirds of the page. At least most of them were in color.

To make matters even worse, pages eight and nine basically consisted of a Bulls/Blackhawks graphic that outlines the obstacles those teams need to overcome to win a 2015 championship. There’s a lot of lovely white space on those pages too!

And the back page is one giant Mountain Dew ad.

Apparently the Tribune is now subscribing to the sub-atomic school of newspaper management in which most of the sports section will now consist of empty space. As the great Paul Simon (singer not Senator) once said, “Who do they think they’re foolin’?”

Even my lovely wife, the only reason we’re getting a Sunday paper said, “Holy crap! I made it through the entire Sunday Tribune in just ten minutes!” Trust me, if it wasn’t for her, the Tribune would be a distant fond memory.

Though I can kinda appreciate the Taoist nature of this less is more effort, can someone please explain exactly how this strategy is going to keep, much less bring print readers back? The massive irony, of course is, if the Tribune caught a politician attempting the same kind of thing, they’d make mincemeat out of them.

Ah well, like that proverbial cumulonimbus silver lining, the less we have to hear from those invariably incorrect sportswriters the better off we’ll all be!

2 thoughts on “The Tribune ain’t fooling anyone!

  1. It’s perfect they own the rag of the Courrier now too.

  2. I reccomend the Wall Street Journal weekend edition, best part of my Saturday morning.

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