Prepare yourself for the 12-11-14 edition of Left, Right and you!

Which is right here for your listening pleasure:

Buckle your seatbelts folks because Larry and I moved pretty quickly today!

We started off the show discussing the prospect of new Sheriff Don Kramer not living up to the promises he made on Left, Right and You when he ran for office. Larry and I aren’t ready to make a final pronouncement, but I’m certainly nervous about what might be happening to former Sheriff Pat Perez’s friends.

LRY2Then we talked about how petition challenges can come right back around to bite the challenger in the butt. C’mon people! If you’re gonna expend all that energy running for office be smart about it!

Our final topic was the importance of new candidates getting their message right. Elgin mayoral challenger Joe Galvan offered all of us a primer on exactly what not to do!

Next week, Elgin city council candidate Fred Moulton will be on the show. And you don’t wanna miss that one!

Thank you for listening!

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