The FBI nabs another “terrorist”

He’s fucking 19! In my teen years I actually considered becoming a priest, but sadly, the Catholic Church had a problem with foul mouthed fathers. Too bad they didn’t feel the same way about pedophiles.

Of course, we’re talking about 19 year-old Mohammed Hamzah Khan of Bolingbrook who was nabbed by the FBI Saturday afternoon at O’Hare as he tried to leave for the Middle East to join ISIS. Despairing the decline of Western morality, he left a paper trail a mile long including a three-page letter of explanation to his parents.

So while it certainly wouldn’t have been prudent to let him leave (though I firmly believe he would’ve been even more disillusioned with his new compatriots), Khan now faces life in prison for providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Oh lord! If the FBI is gonna start going after teenagers for making really bad decisions then we better start building a lot more jails. Thinking back to the way I drove as a teenager makes me shudder because I stood a far better chance of killing someone than this kid ever did.


A 19 year-old who feels lost in a foreign culture and develops a dire need for structure and to belong to something? No! That almost never happens! And the question that has yet to be answered is, was an undercover agent involved?

So please let me take a stab at that one. I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that we will soon learn that an FBI agent, posing as a jihadi, struck up an online conversation and not only encouraged Khan to defect, but provided the itinerary.

It’s not as if there already isn’t a boatload of precedent for that kind of thing.

Remember the “NATO 3?” They were too busy playing video games to go to the gas station. It took a female undercover Chicago cop to drag their asses out of bed and drive them there before they finally finished their Molotov cocktails. Then, to the agent’s chagrin, these “terrorists” refused to test them.

Then we have the case of 18 year-old Adel Daoud of Hillside who, after announcing his desire to kill Americans, was solicited by an online FBI agent. Not only did the agent hold his hand throughout the entire process, but he even went as far as handing him the fake trigger which would purportedly blow up a loop bar.

I’m not sayin’ the FBI shouldn’t have kept an eye on Daoud, but without their “intervention,” this kid would’ve simply gone back to writing really stupid shit. And if we start arresting people for writing really stupid shit, then some of y’all are gonna be in real trouble

The only dirty bomb Jose Padilla could’ve come up with would’ve consisted of his old sweat socks wrapped around a few M80s. Left to their own devices, the Liberty City Seven couldn’t have blown up a Sears catalog, much less the Sears Tower.

So now, with Daoud’s arrest, the Chicago FBI will puff up their chests, act like they’ve actually accomplished something, and then they’ll all go out to Kesey’s and get drunk while the real bad guys are laughing their asses off at their ineptitude. Remember the Arabic flight students who didn’t care about takeoffs or landings?

Perhaps the FBI keeps going after teenage “terrorists” because they’re practicing for when they might actually catch the real thing. Just like the NSA, they haven’t managed to pull it off yet!

And not only does going after the wrong people waste precious time and resources, it provides the kind of false sense of security that allows the real terrorists to forge ahead unimpeded. Does anyone really think that any jihadi with half a fucking brain is going to announce his intentions online?

And where are my conservative friends in all this? Apparently they’re far too busy railing at a fake IRS scandal to notice when their most basic civil rights are being eroded faster than a lakefront beach during a November storm.

Here’s the bottom line. Most white folks can barely tolerate bad service at Applebees, much less handle bigotry and outright hatred on a regular basis. So the only thing that surprises me about a disaffected Muslim youth attempting to defect is that it doesn’t happen more often.

And I guarantee you that, without the “help” of the FBI, Mr. khan wouldn’t have even made it out his front door.

How about instead of entrapping disaffected teenagers on the verge of ruining their lives, we stage a legal intervention the first or second time they go off the reasonability rails instead?

Please think back to the stupid shit you did as a teenager. Now imagine, instead of immediately calling you on it, there’s an adult who’s encouraging you every step of the way. You’d probably be sitting in a 12 by 12 cell too.

This is pure unadulterated bullshit folks and the FBI really oughtta be ashamed of themselves.

4 thoughts on “The FBI nabs another “terrorist”

  1. I did some “stupid” things in my youth, but I never threatened to enter a foreign terrorist group, or to kill anybody.

    I DO agree with you about the FBI’s tendency for chest-beating, and some cops have told me the FBI tends to be fame and glory hogs. However, during an investigation in 1983, two FBI agents contacted the Batavia Police to ask the home location of someone they wanted to question, when his name and address were plainly visible in the phone directory!

  2. I’m going to withhold judgment on this until we find out if there was indeed an FBI helper involved. While my money would go on your being right in your assumption, at this point it is still an assumption. I agree w/ the Observer that the typical stupid youth things aren’t like this. And whether something is done because of a stupid decision or because of intentional malice, the danger to others is still the same.

    • Jeff, You’re almost dead on because I did speak with a retired FBI agent who wasn’t shy about agreeing with my theory. That said, I most certainly am speculating, but with the mountain of previous entrapment evidence, I’ve got $1,000 of hard earned money that say I’m right and, so far, no one’s been willing to take me up on it.

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