This is the August 28th edition of Left, Right and You!

A huge thank you to Derke Price for taking the time to come into the studio and provide the professional viewpoint on how to clear the necessary technical hurdles whenever you run for local office. The bottom line is, don’t be intimidated by the paperwork and process, if you’ve got something to say, run for office! Ancel Glink is always ready and willing to help!

Jeff, Larry and Derke

Then Larry and I engaged in a fascinating debate on the merits of the militarization of our local police departments. It would be safe to say that we had to agree to disagree on the subject.

To that end, for all the callers who called in too late to get their .02 cents in, next week we will open the second half of the show to your views on this touchy subject. So if you have an opinion on the police acquiring military hardware, please call into the show next week (9/4) at 847-931-1410.

Don’t forget! On September 25, Elgin State Rep candidates Anna Moeller and Jeff Meyer will engage in their very first debate right here on Left, Right, and You! We hope you’ll join us!

Until then, thank you for listening!


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