It’s time for the 8-7-14 edition of Left, Right and You!

Which you can avail yourself of right here:

Sorry for the delay in getting it up here this evening, but my Internet connection failed to cooperate! I suppose I should take solace in the fact that Comcast has been light years ahead of AT&T in the reliability department.


But back to the issue at hand!

Larry and I want to thank 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Larry Kaifesh for stopping by the studio to talk with us. I may not have agreed with everything he said, but considering his record of service, when Larry talks about selfless service, he may be one of the few politicians on the planet who can actually get away with it.

Another tip of our hat goes out to Grand Victoria Marketing Director Suzanne Phillips who let us in on just how well their southern rock Sunday concert went! They’ve got Deep Purple at Festival Park on the 20th and next year we can look forward to more country western and classic rock offerings.

And Larry and I are already working on bringing you an interesting show next week. Until then!

2 thoughts on “It’s time for the 8-7-14 edition of Left, Right and You!

  1. You have done a good job of providing an independent forum. I don’t know of any other radio or televised program that is local and provides for both left and right points of view, while being moderated by a representative of both. Furthermore, one cannot expect objectivity from the local print media, such as the two Heralds. I can testify about the two Heralds’ aversion to reporting unpopular facts, and thus being selective about what they reported.

    Thank you.

  2. John, Thank you for listening and for your kind words!

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