God I love this kind of stuff!

Now, you all know what kind of a geek I am including, but not nearly limited to, comic books, computer equipment, Dr. Who figures, and sound systems. So you can only imagine the nirvana-esque heights to which I soared as my wife and I got to sit with 7th Heaven soundman extraordinaire, Dino Manzella, last night.

Watching him run the sound board from an iPad app was an utterly fascinating and rather complex proposition. This isn’t a matter of simply setting up each song and sitting back. Like an aural athlete, Dino is constantly moving around and adjusting the mix to make the band sound just right.

7th heaven

He brought up the vocals during the harmonies, the guitars and vocal sustain on Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll,” and inserted the appropriate touches of reverb on a variety of numbers.

What I also discovered is, there’s a philosophy of sound. My favorite Dino quote of the evening was “You can’t make everything louder than everything else.” In other words, if you need the vocals to pop a bit more, instead of bringing them up, sometimes it’s better to drop the guitars.

He also talked about leaving room for a big finish, how to make the band sound good when they move between singing and talking, and the unique challenges each venue presents

So my wife and I would like to offer Dino a hearty “thank you” for being so gracious and making it a much more interesting evening.

If you don’t want to feel left out, you can find the 7th Heaven tour schedule here (and their new CD “Spectrum” here). So grab your significant other and go out and see the band! Considering that most of these events are free, how could you possibly go wrong?


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