I’m unilaterally calling off the hand-held cell phone ban…

…because no one’s paying any attention to it and ain’t nobody enforcing it either.

Case in point! While waiting for the line of vehicles to pass before I could turn right onto Peck Road at about 6:30 this morning, the driver of the last vehicle, a black pickup truck, was happily chatting away on his cell phone – at 10 miles under the limit, of course.


Since the Great Western Trail isn’t that far away and I will no longer allow something silly like traffic to become a stressor, I simply sat back and mentally prepared myself for the impending run.

But as we slowly approached Bricher Road, one of Geneva’s finest just happened to be sitting at that stop sign and I thought perhaps the errant driver would be pulled over. Given the GPD’s propensity to write warnings, that’s all this would’ve likely come to, but that process still makes a point.

But alas, though the motorist was completely oblivious to the police presence and the officer and I could clearly see he was on the phone, nothing happened. Ah well!

As we continued north, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be ironic if this gentleman turned into…” And before I could finish the thought, he headed into the Judicial Center parking lot and up the stairs to work.

So why did I even bother to go out and buy a Bluetooth headset?

Of course, one incident does not a statistically significant sample make, but considering how little I drive, it’s amazing how often I see folks gabbing away with their right hand glued to their ear.

And it’s not just the Geneva Police – no one’s enforcing this new law despite the fact that carrying on a hand-held cell phone conversation has proven to be far worse than driving drunk. Ah! But law enforcement will resort to those patently unconstitutional No Refusal Weekends which don’t even begin to make a dent in the DUI statistics.

So why bother with this kind of statutory pretense? Because if we really meant it, we’d adopt those far stricter European drunk driving standards and then we’d follow in the motherland’s footsteps by forcing folks to pull over for any kind of cell phone conversation.

But we’re not serious about it so we don’t. Therefore, in what might be called the equivalent of a citizen’s un-arrest, I’m unilaterally calling off the hand-held cell phone ban. It’s not like any of y’all were driving all that competently to begin with.


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