Conservatives aren’t really Christians part II

My two previous column contentions certainly stirred up some lively, yet generally civil conversation, as I hoped they would. But despite putting on their best defense, I remain steadfast in my assertion that conservatives really can’t call themselves Christians and the clergy that quietly watches them subvert their religion are even worse.

Of course, I was accused of “bashing” both Christianity and conservatives, and while I may have resorted to a little bit of hyperbole – something right out of the rightwing playbook – nothing could be further from the truth. What I’m really doing here is pointing out some pretty blatant inconsistencies.

Because if you’re going to ditch the Affordable Care Act, then Medicare has to go as well. If you’re going to take on the “takers,” then that list has to include corporations who reap $100 billion a year in government welfare. If you’re going to talk about the 47 percent, then you might also want to mention the 40 percent of profitable Fortune 500 companies that pay absolutely no federal taxes whatsoever.


If you’re OK with banks borrowing money at a 0.75 percent interest rate, then shouldn’t college students get the same benefit? If you firmly believe in teaching a man to fish, then where are the inner city training programs to do just that?

If you’re willing to denounce the President on the basis of taxes and spending (though both are at historic lows), then you might want to consider going after the local taxing bodies who take a far bigger chunk of your paycheck – and those boards are almost always unanimously Republican.

Lastly, if you’re going to consistently cite your religious beliefs as the basis for your frequent pronouncements, then it’s only fair to note that those same rules apply to you.

Though I believe it was slightly disingenuous for my conservative friends to cite the non-biblical “teach a man to fish” concept, especially in regards to immigrant children who can barely control their own destiny, they did raise some interesting points.

At what point does charity or welfare engender dependency? Simply taking these children into this country will not solve the underlying Central American problem. We do not have the resources to take care of the entire planet. And we certainly have plenty of people right here who could use a helping hand.

These questions clearly demand discussion, but they are another argument entirely. Therefore, simple statement remains that, Christianity is a very tough standard and the best Christian tenets come with no exceptions.

Yes! As some readers aptly noted, the Bible can be open to interpretation and I don’t have a monopoly on the truth. But I see no wiggle room in stipulations like, “love thy neighbor,” “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers” and “feed the poor.”

So if you say you’re a Christian, then you’re bound by these precepts. And while I certainly understand some imperfection in this regard, I’m troubled by the ease with which so many conservatives toss those notions aside as if they didn’t even exist.

What makes this lapse so much worse is the right’s ongoing demonization of the poor and these sad immigrant children. Of course, we should have the discussion, but I can’t understand why conservatives insist upon demeaning, debasing and denigrating people who’ve had the simple misfortune of being born in the wrong country?

It certainly ain’t Christian and I got a Pope who happens to agree with me.

Jesus didn’t say, “Feed the poor if it fits into your busy schedule and the folks in question meet your rigorous criteria for help and it won’t engender dependency.” He said “Feed the poor.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Too many conservatives mistake the blind luck of their circumstances for talent.

As far as taking in these children, it will be tough on some of us. But if you really are a Christian, then you have to have faith that, by doing the right thing, it will all work out in the end. I think Jesus had something to say about that too!

So here’s the bottom line! I’m willing to make a deal with all you conservatives. If you will finally admit that, by they very nature of your actions and words, you’re not really Christians, then I will relent.

But until that happens, I guarantee you that your feet are get a heck of a lot warmer.


One thought on “Conservatives aren’t really Christians part II

  1. Jeff you still are hell bent to bash Christians. NO ONE IS PERFECT! We all make mistakes, we all wish we could do things differently all the time. Why bash just Christians? Dont you know almost every person who goes to church call themselves a christian? Why not then bash every single person who wont take in as many people as they can into their house and support them? Here’s a idea because we cannot afford to. I consider myself a christian but I can barely make ends meet and pay for my own way yet you DEMAND that I have to help others because according to you if Im not helping others then Im not a christian, Im not loving my neighbor. Yes there is solutions to this mess, yes corporations should be paying more taxes and shouldnt be getting tax breaks but thats because Congress and BOTH GOP AND DEMS ALLOWED it! So if you want to play the blame game blame EVERYONE. We are some 17 trillion dollars in debt in this country and yes we can go after the corporations and the rich to pay off that debt. But name me one congressmen from either side that is willing or has come up with ANY plan to fix the problems. and then show me how they are FIGHTING to impliment that plan and working across the aisle to get that plan passed. All YOU have done is point the finger at everyone else as to what they are not doing. What have YOU done to help the poor and those who need help? Im so tired of the blame game and thats all your doing is to blame others, we need to stop the blame game crap and get off your butt and FIX it, come up with a solution on how to CHANGE the problems we have.

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