Dolly Jefferson is my Left, Right and You hero!

And if you need further proof of that sentiment, you can find it right here in today’s edition of the show: 

Steve Andersson

Steve Andersson

First we want to offer a big thank you to 65th State Rep District GOP candidate Steve Andersson for coming on the show and letting us in on his Springfield service visions. I will say I became an Andersson fan due to his willingness to embrace former opponents, keep his ego in check, and his clear understanding that political progress always comes in small steps.

Larry and I look forward keeping your informed about his efforts.

Then we had my current hero, Dolores “Dolly” Jefferson on the second half of the show. And not only can this octogenerian send four full grown coyotes into full flight, but she’s was quite capable of stealing the show as well. You really don’t want to miss that interview.

I’ll say it again. The fact that an 84 year-old woman can stand her ground against those crafty critters only proves what wimps Genevans really are. I’d move, but someone has to protect these pathetic folks!

Enjoy the show!



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