Another Voice: Todd Martin on the current immigration crisis

This split is buried deep into American culture. There is fear that uncontrolled immigration will leave the U.S. a third world country. This fear is so strong that our country is unable to recognize broader needs or the problems this fear perpetuates.  

Todd Martin

Todd Martin

Our population is aging. We have a Boomer crisis looming. Money and corporations can flow freely anywhere in the world. People on the other hand are largely restricted. As a result, we offshore jobs to low wage countries. Tyranny thrives on tight borders.

In my opinion, we should follow Europe’s example and work to remove borders. Start out by removing barriers between the U.S. and Canada. Then do the same with Western Europe. Human rights are not part of a zero sum game. As human rights broaden, our economic and cultural base grows. We shouldn’t be afraid of children; we should welcome them.

And that my friends, is a real Christian.

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