Quick Hit: Just don’t do it!

I realize that taking an international tack is a little out of bounds here, but this time I just gotta ask the question. What’s it gonna take to get to get to those generally deluded and incredibly arrogant Americans to stop traveling to North Korea? north korea

Because that infamous Lisa Minnelli impersonator, Kim Jong Un, just nabbed another one in a likely effort to get Bill Clinton or Jesse Jackson to jump on a plane and lend that crackpot regime a minimum of credibility. The sad thing is, I’m convinced that, even if that Stalinist lunatic started executing U.S. citizens as they exited airport customs, it still wouldn’t be enough of a deterrent to get them to stay home.

First, if I was going to spend the kind of money it takes to travel half way around the world, it wouldn’t be to a country where they don’t even know what a nightlight is. And second, it’s not like they haven’t already shown a real predisposition for grabbing Americans.

So unless you’re Dennis Rodman or you’ve come to despise your boss so much that a North Korean prison cell would be a welcome respite, don’t go there! And if you do it anyway, don’t expect any of our help getting out.

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