This is the June 5th 2014 edition of Left, Right and You:

The first thank you goes to Tim Elenz for filling in for the vacationing Larry Jones. Aside from all the banging on the studio table, it’s always a lot of fun to have Tim back on the air.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

The second nod goes to State Rep Jack Franks who’s capacity to not only succinctly state the problem, but offer an eminently reasonable solution should put him in line for the governor’s mansion.

The last tip of our hat goes to J. Koko for sitting in on the show and generally behaving. Tim though I slipped him a Mickey.

Our prime topic today was gambling from the folks running the state lottery right on down to those grandma casinos that are proliferating throughout the Fox Valley. It’s all getting out of hand folks and it certainly ain’t helping the state’s financial situation.

Until next week, enjoy the show!

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