The final totals!

Alright! We have the final June 1 same sex marriage totals for the Kane County Clerk’s office. And on the day when conservatives fervently foretold of all gay hell breaking loose, the numbers look somewhat sedate:

  • 15 same sex couples converted their civil union certificates into marriage licenses
  • 1 heterosexual couple did the same thing
  • 3 gay couples obtained a new marriage license

Of Kane County’s 523,643 residents, 377,022 are over 18 years of age. Of that group, 37,702 are likely gay. And six – count ’em –  six of them, got a marriage license today. That’s just .0015 percent which means you have almost as good a chance of dating a supermodel as you do of attending a June Kane County same sex wedding.

So now can we all move on to more important things?



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