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May 28, 2014 / jeffnward

Sneak Preview: Kaptain and Martinez on Left, Right and You!

That’s right dear listeners! Larry and I are looking forward to sitting down with Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain and newest city councilman Rosamaria Martinez.

We’ll talk about the aldermanic selection process, how Rose survived it and what she hopes to bring to bring to that esteemed body.

That’s Left, Right and You, this Thursday on WRMN AM 1410 from 3 to 4 p.m.

Rosamaria Martinez

Rosamaria Martinez

Dave Kaptain

Dave Kaptain

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  1. cary J. Collins / May 28 2014 1:38 pm

    Rosamaria Martinez, I belive mayor Kaptain and the City Council made a good choice. A veteran, involved in the community and as a side note the least important she is a Latino.

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