Quick Hit: The readers strike back!

Is it sad when your readers are funnier than you are?

Regarding the piece on Dixon, Illinois recovering most of the money their former comptroller made off with, local cyclist (and one who knows how to behave on the road) John Wrycza wryly noted that Dixonians were clearly paying $54 million more in taxes than was truly necessary.

Of course, the truth is that municipality had to issue a boatload of bonds to make up for that Rita Crundwell induced shortfall, but that doesn’t make the line any less humorous. And I certainly wish that I was the one to use it first.

Then “The bearded devil” Mark Wells just had to get in on the act.

Considering my contention that Dixon’s unique brand of incompetence actually turned out to be a good thing, Mark posited that perhaps had Ms. Crundwell wisely invested her ill gotten gain, Dixon could’ve come out ahead.  And thus we have an entirely new, and not so far-fetched, theory of municipal financial planning.

It reminds me of a story baseball announcer Joe Garagiola used to tell; “I know a baseball star who wouldn’t report the theft of his wife’s credit cards because the thief spends less than she does.”

Carry on!

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