Quick Hit: There is no first strike in Karate!

Though they did it for a different reason, the St. Charles City Council still deserves credit for nixing an outdoor MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event scheduled for June on the grounds of that Randall Road Harley Davidson dealership.  mma

The impetus for the five to two thumbs down was it was set to take place outdoors requiring both amplified sound and the need to deal with free form alcohol consumption. More than one nay-saying alderman noted that things would’ve been different had the event been held indoors.

So what’s my qualm you ask? Having met my wife in a martial arts class, one of the first things our first teacher told us was “Karate ni sente nashi.” Translated from the original Okinawan it means, “There is no first strike in Karate.”

That quote is considered to be the core guiding principle of all martial arts practitioners and any Sensei worth their salt implicitly knows they need to quickly weed out those students who would use it as a weapon. The fact that some teachers actually promote this kind of thing baffles me.

Not only are MMA bouts the utter antithesis of an amazing 600 year-old philosophy, but, as a culture, it brings us right down to the level of those rabid Coliseum visitors who found grizzly dismemberment to be great sport.

Just because these fighters are willing to sacrifice their long-term physical well-being for some short term financial gain doesn’t make it right. I’m generally all for letting natural selection takes its course, but sometimes we really do need to protect people from themselves.

So here’s to the St. Charles City Council and to the end of MMA events everywhere.

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