You actually like automated checkout lanes?

Though it’s a very small sample size, so far, I seem to be somewhat outvoted on the efficacy and wisdom of automated retail checkout machines. But since we’re nowhere near any kind of final consensus, I thought I’d reinforce my rationale with the following bit by Bill Burr, one of my favorite comedians.

Warning! Though this video is bleepin’ hilarious, they don’t bleep any of the frequent adult language involved.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “You actually like automated checkout lanes?

  1. Very funny. I like the automated lines mainly for small orders — I actually get done faster than in the regular lanes. As for the telephone service reps, he’s got it nailed but let’s remember those people are doing their job PERFECTLY. It’s just that their job isn’t actually helping you, it’s keeping you away from anyone who has the authority to do anything for you. THOSE people don’t answer the phone, they hire other people and train them to do exactly what Bill Burr describes. We think their job is to help us, but they know their job is to take abuse so the people who are responsible for your problem and can fix it don’t.

  2. Jeff,

    I will agree! If I go to home depot and buy two items it’s bleepin’ faster to do it myself. But I still say my basic theory stands. The capacity to build a relationship with a customer will crush the Internet.


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