The Elgin City Council did the right thing

So it certainly looks like Rosamaria Martinez will be the one to step into Anna Moeller’s vacant Elgin City Council shoes next week.. The final vote won’t come until the May 28 council meeting, but with the heavy lifting already accomplished at last night’s executive session, rest assured, that tally will be merely ceremonial.  elgin water

And this was exactly the right thing for the council to do because now, when I look at the gleaming visages serving that sacred body, I see balance. Three women, an African-American, an Hispanic and a pretty good age distribution.

I’ve said it before! In order for representative Democracy to really work, everyone has to be represented. That’s not to say that white folks can’t look out for Hispanics – of course they can. But it can never be the same thing until you’ve walked many miles in those minority shoes,

Again, my stipulations here are in no way meant to disparage the other 20 candidates who were eager to step forward and serve The City in the Suburbs. The vast majority of them were equal to the task and I firmly believe their day will come.

If only Elginians would get to the polls at the same rate they apply for city council positions. But I digress.

Please allow me to add that, despite Councilman John Prigge’s insistent conspiratorial protestations, this was not a done deal. In fact, it’s been made clear to me that, as a result of this thorough vetting process, two strong candidates eventually rose to the top. The fact that Prigge, who consistently voted against filling the seat, guessed right, does not add up to a conspiracy. All it means is, even he knew how who the best choice was.

To quote the councilman, “This is not about character of an applicant or a best-person-for-the-job move – it’s 100 percent political.” C’mon! One could say that everything in politics is 100 percent political. The only thing that would’ve made John happy is if his compatriots actually appointed him to a second seat.

While the thought of Mr. Prigge having two chances to say “No!” to everything is truly frightening, the prospect of watching him dash back and forth on the dais while he bitterly argues with himself may well be worth paying the antithesis of democracy price of admission.

So here’s to Ms. Martinez who may soon discover the real meaning of that “be careful what you wish for” warning. Not only does she face a bit of learning curve, but the firsthand knowledge that aldermen get paid virtually nothing for what typically turns out to be a full-time job that always provides you with the wonderful opportunity to bleep off half your constituency with every vote.

Then she’s gotta mount a campaign in about year. Wow! I’m starting to think it’s the other 20 who actually won this one.

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