Jim Oberweis did not do the right thing!

Ah well. As that great philosopher Meatloaf once said, “Two out of three ain’t bad!”

Last night, Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller took the attached photo of State Senator Jim Oberweis’ red Caddy, not so handily parked in a handicapped parking place. Why, he even assumed the reason for this heinous malfeasance was the U.S. Senate contender didn’t want to melt in the rain.  oberweis handicap

And while I desperately want to declare that, right along with mother-in-law jokes, making fun of Jim Oberweis is far too easy, I can’t, because the truth is, Jim makes it far too easy.

While striving to muster the self-control necessary to avoid repeating the litany of his greatest self-inflicted hits, the real problem is that Senator Oberweis too often provides the kind of opportunities that are simply too hard to pass up.

But first let’s discuss the facts. And the first one is that Sen. Oberweis does have a degenerative disk back condition that, on occasion, flares up so badly he can’t even stand up straight. So even though Mr. Miller aptly noted there was no handicapped placard to be seen in the vehicle, he does have one.

Were I Jim, however, considering that he’s running for office and he avails himself of the golf course whenever his lumbar region allows it, I’d avoid handicapped parking spots. Because even with that dangling rear view mirror tag, it could generate the kind of publicity that’s all the rage right now.

And the sad thing is, the only person who’s probably talked to more politicians than me is Rich Miller and I thoroughly enjoy talking to Jim Oberweis. In real life, he’s unassuming, he’s smart, he listens, and he really wants to do well by his constituents.

The problem is, he’s addicted to the attention that comes along with running for office and, when he gets caught up in that inevitable fervor, he starts thinking he’s invulnerable and then he starts not thinking.

When Jim isn’t thinking, he gets arrogant, and when he gets arrogant, it’s Katy bar the door, some strange shit is about to happen.

So Jim! Stop it! You’re your own bleepin’ worst enemy. Should you choose to put yourself in the public eye, then please understand that public eye will always be upon you. I’m not sure who said it, but I believe it was baseball great Joe Torre who remarked that, while managing, he always acted as if his six year-old grandson was watching.

Because even a six year-old could’ve warned you about the ramifications and repercussions of parking in a handicapped spot – with or without the placard.


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