The truth about Animal Control

Look, I don’t know why Kane County Animal Control Director Rob Sauceda resigned and, considering my recent prose, I absolutely refuse to speculate on it because it’s a pointless endeavor that would only lump me right in the ranks of those ancillary players we all dread.  lauzen 2

Oh! I can just hear those folks screeching about a vast double standard blogger conspiracy right now. But not only do their opinions (especially of me) count for less than naught, their short memories swiftly shift to prove whatever point they’ve been trying to make for the last ten minutes.

If you avail yourself of the Internet, you will note that I never spoke ill of former KCAC Animal Control Director Mary Lawrie. In fact, we were friends. My point then was, though it’s a very difficult job, if someone offered us an almost a six-figure salary for a gig regardless of experience, we’d all say, “Where do I sign?”

The issue was never Ms. Lawrie, it was the person who hired her.

But that’s clearly not the case with the current situation. So before those political barnacles who’s sole purpose is to leave a swath of destruction in their wake, sink their teeth into this one, let’s set the record straight.

1. The fact that Rob resigned does not diminish what’s already been accomplished. After eight long years of unpaid bills, botched adoptions, and blistering record keeping backlogs, Animal Control is back on track and paying its own way. We, the taxpayers are no longer on the hook for that $150,000 annual mortgage.

2. This situation was handled exactly as it should’ve been handled. An issue was identified. Chairman Lauzen and the appropriate directors responded immediately. A quiet, but thorough investigation was conducted. Then, only when the results were in, did the Chairman bring specific board members into an executive session to brief them.

That’s far more than I can say for those county board members who not only feed the rumor mill, but apparently believe they’re getting a bi-weekly check from the Kane County HR department. Personnel matters are not their concern unless and until it rises to the level of the board.

3. Chris Lauzen doesn’t play favorites. While the ancillary players are howling with glee over the prospect of “taking the Chairman down,” the reality is, regardless of any prior political relationship, Lauzen did exactly what we’d expect of the man in charge – no more and no less. There was no under the bus throwing and no excuses either. That’s the real lesson here.

4. Ancillary players only embrace destruction and despair. Though I can’t find it online, when former Chairman McConnaughay moved on to Springfield, I gave her the kind of positive sendoff that utterly aggravated a whole lot of folks intent on dancing on her political grave. The truth is, I’ve always said she has a great deal of political talent which, when correctly applied, is impressive to watch.

You will also note that, as the evidence changed, so have my thoughts on Senator Oberweis.

But these people who revel in and feed on every temporary government setback expose themselves for who they really are by that very act. What they don’t understand is, karma has a funny way of eventually balancing those scales.

As far as Rob Sauceda goes, this is one of those life-lesson bumps in the road to which none of us are immune. He’ll learn from it, recover, and move on to bigger and better things. Meanwhile, the ancillary players will stay permanently stuck in that mud pit of their own making.

As far as the next KCAC Director? He or she better have nerves and skin of steel.

To so many ancillary players’ chagrin, the truth is, this one worked out exactly as it should have. So now, just like that accident scene police officer might say, “There’s nothing to see here folks, please move along.”

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