Technical difficulties finally aside, here’s Left, Right and You…

…the May 8th episode that is. And as I’m sure you already know, you can listen to it right here: 

A big thank you to St. Charles parent Rob Marshall for being the only parent to have the cohones to come into the studio and discuss how club sports, or “outside training facilities,” can dominate high school athletics.  hssports

The idea of an outside training facility catering to kids who have a real passion for their sport isn’t a bad idea. But more often than not, the chances of your son or daughter making the high school team are directly related to “club” at which they train. I’m not saying the schools are complicit, but when the coaches are affiliated or have close connections with these clubs…

And we must’ve struck a chord because there’s already been some push back.

Another tip of our hat to George for calling in and asking some excellent questions and to our travel baseball coach who relayed his similar experiences.

Next week, former South Elgin City Manager Larry Jones will co-host with 43rd District State Rep Jeff Meyer calling in.

But for now, enjoy today’s show!



4 thoughts on “Technical difficulties finally aside, here’s Left, Right and You…

  1. Jeff, I am an athletic trainer at a high school outside this immediate area. Our coaches are more exasperated than complicit with these club coaches. We’ve had a lot of athletes miss school events because they had to go to a mandatory practice for a club team. The girls’ lacrosse season is a great example. We’ve got girls doing club field hockey a couple evenings a week then all day on Sunday. Gee, why would there be more injuries from playing 5 hours of field hockey on the same day? Duh!!! We even had a girl go to a national lacrosse tourney in Florida the weekend between the end of the high school’s regular season and the beginning of high school playoffs — and get a separated shoulder which bumped her out of the entire playoff schedule. The big thing is these club coaches have created an industry in which the more kids they get in their program, the more money they get. So they blow smoke and convince all these kids and their parents they’ll get scholarships, knowing full well that only a small percentage of them will. The vast majority of them who end up with NO scholarship money doesn’t matter to them — they’ve already got their money. On the other hand, if I was still working in a sports medicine clinic like I used to, I’d love the club coaches. It’s called revenue generation. It’s been well discussed in the literature of the sports medicine community that we’re seeing more and more overuse injuries at younger and younger ages, due to two factors: doing the same activity year round, and doing multiple activities during the same season. Hey, according to the Bible even the big guy took 1 day of week to rest, right? These kids don’t get that. The one day they’re pretty much guaranteed off from school sports, Sunday, is one of the biggest days of the week for the club coaches to beat the snot out of them. What’s really amazing in all this is that there is much more money available for academic and merit scholarships than there is for athletic.

  2. Jeff,

    You are dead on as well! It seems that, if club sports can’t dominate the local high school scene, then they try to get their kinds NOT to play for the high school.

    As far as the rest I’ve seen it first hand so thank you for wading in and helping prove my point.


    • I hear people say “well, just tell the kids when they come out for the HS team they can’t play another sport at the same time”. Your first para in your reply is why. The HS coaches tell the kids the truth and don’t promise things they can’t deliver. The club coaches promise the moon, and the parents and kids don’t see these guys have a huge conflict of interest — if you don’t go out for the club team, they lose money. So if pushed to make a choice, they’ll quit the HS team.

  3. Jeff,

    Yep! And while playing for your high school team is something you will never forget, most kids look back on club sports as a waste of time.

    Other than a credit card company, your best bet to quick profits is playing on the hopes and dreams of parents.


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