And the final four Elgin city council candidates are…

Apparently taking a flyer from the recent NCAA tournament, in last night’s special city council meeting closed session, those eight folks who’ve sworn to serve Elgin narrowed the list of Anna Moeller replacement possibilities to four by a series of votes.   elgin

Since they don’t broadcast closed sessions and there’s only one of me, I’d like to offer DH reporter Elena Ferrarin a tip of the hat for noting these names in a timely manner:

  • Mithchell Esterino
  • Mo Iqbal
  • Rosamaria Martinez, and
  • Aaron Sellers

The only surprise is Sellers whom I thought, though clearly fit to serve, didn’t quite match up to some of the other resumes. These finalists are currently going through the process of eligibility requirement vetting.

Of course, y’all already know who I’m rooting for.

Next week, this gang of four will be subjected to in-person interviews, also in closed session.  I say “subjected” because I’m sure that’s exactly what it’s gonna feel like when Messrs. Gavin and Prigge are asking some of the questions.

Until May 8!

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