It’s no surprise there’s no change in the judicial vote count

Though it’s the simpler step in settling the in the Kostelny/Tegeler Third Subcircuit situation, yesterday’s two precinct Aurora discovery recount changed nothing. My prophetic track record may have taken a hit lately, but even a Fox News pundit could’ve predicted the Aurora vote would remain at 502 to 433 without breaking a a sweat.   kostelnytegeler

With that portion of the festivities out of the way and Teleger still up by 7 countywide votes, the two camps will move on to the Kane County Clerk’s office for a 16 precinct re-tally running from May 5 to May 7. And when that final absentee ballot is re-counted, nothing will have changed there either.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but since it’s been so difficult to disavow people of those paper ballot notions, please let me reiterate that today’s electronic voting machines are an all or nothing proposition. Either they work or they don’t

And if there was a problem, it would likely come with the Aurora Election Commission’s optical voting machines which can get “out of alignment.” But there’s no way eminently competent AEC Chief, Linda Fechner, would ever let that kind of thing happen.

And that proof is in their recount pudding.

As far as the odds of any Kane County E-Slate throwing a shoe go, you stand a far better chance of seeing the Illinois legislature solve its pension problem by tomorrow morning. Though I’m certainly no expert, having toiled in that general area, I know of what I speak.

Look, I can completely understand why a candidate, any candidate, who spent 20 grand of her own money to go down by seven votes, would want to leave no stone unturned. And the truth is, a 25 percent of the precincts discovery recount doesn’t cost the taxpayers very much and it costs the candidates even less.

But despite that boatload of wishful thinking, it’s not going to change a bloody thing. Mercifully, most election authorities have relegated the days of hanging chads to history’s dust bin.

That said, just because there’s no likelihood of a positive result for the Kostelny camp, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a negative outcome. To wit, during yesterday’s recount, Kostelny’s attorney objected to a ballot in which a voter employed a Tegeler check mark instead of darkening the appropriate oval.

First, that’s only one vote, and when you consider Illinois election law clearly states:

The designated area for casting a vote for a particular ballot position on the ballot sheet contains some other type of mark that indicates the clearly ascertainable intent of the voter to vote based on the totality of the circumstances, including but not limited to any pattern or frequency of marks on other ballot positions from the same ballot sheet.

the objection suddenly seems rather petty. It’s one thing for those wacky politicians to spare nothing in their quest for public office, but it’s another thing entirely for a sitting judge to start down that road. And my fear is this is only the beginning of what will become a very contentious process.

The problem is, like the daunting prospect of unringing a bell, once you damage  your reputation, it’s almost impossible to get it back. And remember, Judgeships are just like those Solider Field game day shuttle buses – there’s always another one coming along.

We’ll see what happens.

5 thoughts on “It’s no surprise there’s no change in the judicial vote count

  1. Jeff, you nailed it. But, is it any surprise that APPOINTED judge Kostelny would belittle the electoral process, and her APPOINTED position by going down this road? She must be reeling in disbelief that she lost, and her selfishness and sheer arrogance prevent her from showing some class and moving on. This thing about not filling in an oval is pathetic. However, this couldn’t have played out better as a way of showing Kane County taxpayers what a small-minded person she is, and certainly confirms all of the talk during the campaign about her incompetence and vindictiveness. Just like her pettiness and emotional fits in Family Court, it’s now on display for the entire county.

    Here’s my prediction-after the loss is confirmed, Kostelny’s antics will not be forgotten, and even if she doesn’t resign, she will not be reappointed. The judges who make these appointments should remember that we voters don’t forget.

  2. Jon, Jon, Jon,

    You’re kinda going off the deep end and, in the same vein as the post, that doesn’t help D. J. He will ultimately prevail and Judge Kostelny will continue to serve Kane County Drug Court and I don’t have a problem with that.


  3. Jeff, recognize that I appeared before APPOINTED Judge Kostelny and was on the receiving end of her vitriol and incompetence. As were many other men appearing before her. She spent $20k on her campaign? BooHoo-she cost me 8 times that in legal fees, mostly related to correcting her erroneous decisions compounded by the fact that “case management” was unknown to da judge. Deep end? There ain’t a pool deep enough to bury my resentment-as a litigant AND as a taxpayer. And I couldn’t be happier that she is showing her true colors in this charade of a recount. This in no way is a reflection on DJ, and I’m surprised you draw that parallel.

    Unlike you, I have a huge problem with an appointed judge being relegated to drug court babysitter because that’s where she causes the least harm. The appointee is supposed to be cycled in a variety of courts depending on need. Kostelny has proven her incompetence in family and felony court, and apparently can’t be trusted with another assignment. That, Jeff, means she should be booted, and the appointment given to someone else.

  4. This screw-up because of the antiquated “Aurora Election Board” proves it has outlived its usefulness and purpose, and should be abolished. It’s a 19th century antique, from the days when a horse-and-
    buggy was used to carry Aurora’s election ballots to the Kane County Courthouse in Geneva.
    It’s time for another referendum attempt to eliminate it.

    • As an Aurora resident for over 20 years, I agree whole heartedly. Close down the Aurora Election Commission, and get a County Clerk satellite office.

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