Wow! The NBA did the right thing!

I realize I’m, once again, allowing myself to be distracted by the national news, but I truly believed the NBA would buckle when it came down to dealing with uber-racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Don’t laugh! Remember when Major League Baseball hit Dodgers relief pitcher Steve Howe with seven separate lifetime drug bans?

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

But this wasn’t the case! Sterling:

  • Has earned a lifetime ban from the sport which means he can’t even attend a practice.
  • Was fined the maximum $2.5 million which is like a quarter to folks like you and I, but it is the maximum.
  • And a three-quarters NBA owner vote forcing him to sell the franchise is a slam dunk.

Please don’t feel too sorry for our beleaguered team owner, he stands to make a tidy $563 million profit on the team he bought way back in 1981.

Now, I’ve already read the conservative posts trying to somehow cast this incident in the shadow of the President’s vast racial shortcomings, but this isn’t a Cliven Bundy case where you can summarily dismiss hin as a run-of-the-mill racist nutcase. This is a guy who got hit with the largest housing discrimination sanction ever levied and, according to new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, not only did Sterling own up to the alleged comments, but he “expressed no remorse” for making them.

Didn’t Fox News just say racism was dead in America?

By the way, there is one real life lesson here that everyone seems to be missing in all this.

My long time readers like Erin Baker Platt will likely recall my Beacon-News column on the Tiger Woods saga in which I put forth the Ward-Kelley Postulate. And that postulate goes like  this;  “Since one woman in our lives brings so much “happiness,” we refuse to cheat on our wives because catering to the emotional needs of two women would compound that “happiness” to unbearable levels.

And the person who likely leaked the recorded racist rant was Sterling’s mistress, who seems to have an ongoing conflict with her beloved’s wife. This only goes to show you that, the failure to read my columns on a regular basis will bring you nothing but grief in life.

Consider yourself warned!


4 thoughts on “Wow! The NBA did the right thing!

  1. Money and age don’t guarantee common sense, especially when it involves much younger women and vocalizing one’s opinions.
    This event proves it.

  2. How many lifetime bans have actually ended up being for a lifetime, and not recinded later? And while your postulate is clearly true, there’s another reason for not cheating: fear.

    • Jeff,

      Pete Rose!


      • That’s the only one I could think of, too. I suspect his ban will actually stand for his lifetime, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point after he passes (he’s 73 now, I think) they do some kind of posthumous clemency thing and he ends up in the Hall of Fame.

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