And Elgin Republicans could use an Hispanic candidate too!

During the course of a rather rousing Sunday afternoon conversation with a favorite political friend of mine, we covered my previous blog contention that Elgin and/or Kane County Republicans really oughtta field a worthy Hispanic candidate to take on State Rep Anna Moeller in that 43rd District November race.

Per my previous post, not only would reaching out to the Hispanic community encourage the kind of engagement that could only improve the sad state of the Illinois GOP, but it would send a message that they  really are a party of inclusion (even though we all know that’s not really true).  KCGOP

But in failing to elect even one State House Rep since  1983, the only message they’re sending is that the GOP prefers blonds.

We all know Moeller is going be a tough nut to crack no matter who’s slated, but instead of making an effort to be competitive, local Republicans are falling back on that tried and true tactic of going with the same old familiar faces, all of whom happen to be white and all of whom have no shot.

But when they were pressed on the very possibility we’re discussing, they immediately resorted to shrieking and howling something to the effect of, “we would, but we can’t find a reasonable Hispanic Republican candidate.”

Oh really?

Since people love to say I’m nothing but helpful, then please allow me to be of assistance one more time.

Because the last time I looked, four Hispanic candidates – with anything from reasonable to exceptional resumes – just threw their hat in the vacant Elgin city council seat ring. And the odds are they’re all not nearly Democrats (especially the veterans) and even if they are, switching parties has always been a favorite Kane County political pastime.

Beacause only one of these 21 already civic-minded contenders can be chosen, that means that either Alberto Lopez or Rosamaria Martinez will shortly become available. If you recall, It was Mr. Lopez’ impressive resume that caused me to nearly drop the F-bomb on the air.

So with the applications of these fine folks who long to be part of the process firmly in hand, all the Kane County GOP has to do to be competitive in the 43rd is take advantage of this amazing opportunity by allocating some campaign cash and giving me a buzz. I will happily pass those resumes along.

Who wants to place bets on whether they actually make the call?


2 thoughts on “And Elgin Republicans could use an Hispanic candidate too!

  1. After they all self deport who could be a candidate? Is it legal for Oberweise to run for this too?

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