Thank you!

One of the concepts I’ve been trying to embrace at my advanced age is the capacity to avoid worrying about what I don’t have and to be grateful for what I do.  It’s  in that very spirit that I’m hitting the keyboard so early this morning.

You see, yesterday, the blog crossed the 1,000 24-hour hit mark for the first time and I’m eternally grateful for all the readers who find my prose worthy of their time. There’s is nothing better in this earthbound existence  than being granted the opportunity to do what you really love.  gratitude

And if nobody noted what I had to say, then it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

I’m eternally grateful for all the friends, former newspaper column followers, Patch readers, and politicians  who, upon learning of my newly found freedom, told me they’d missed my work. Though your encouragement completely dashed my original plan to do nothing by sit on my ass for about a month, I don’t regret a minute of it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to make my readers laugh because the sad truth is, sometimes I have no idea where some of this “humor” comes from and I end up laughing right along with you.

I’m grateful for all my facebook friends who’ve allowed me to unabashedly abuse their pages to promote my point.  You’re the reason the thousand hit mark came so soon.

I’m grateful for all the folks who’ve taken the time to leave a comment here, especially those who’ve disagreed with a contention, but have done so in such a civil manner. You’ve proven that a debate doesn’t have to turn into a fight to the death. You’re part of the reason people keep coming back.

Let’s continue the conversation!

3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Would it be considered civil if at some point I paraphrase SNL and say “Jeff, you ignorant slut”?

  2. “Continue the conversation,” OR “continue the controversy?”

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