Quick Hit: The Elgin city council replacement process

On yesterday’s installment of Left, Right and You, Tim Elenz and I speculated as to just how the Elgin City Council would replace the dearly departed (to the state capitol) Anna Moeller. Tim lamented that it wouldn’t be like most municipalities where the mayor puts forth a prospect and the council provides the final thumbs up or down.

John Steffen

John Steffen

They do do things a little bit differently in Elgin.

So after going back to the Wednesday night tape, by voting 5 to 3 to adopt the Steffen plan, here’s  what they’re gonna do:

  1. Having worked out the kinks in their open meetings act interpretation, next week (4/30), the council will meet in executive session to determine the finalists.
  2. On May 7, that very same group will interview the remaining candidates in an effort to narrow the field down to one. Of course, this will also take place in a closed session.
  3. Fast forward to the 14th of May, and, requiring only a simple majority, the council will vote on the lucky finalist in open session.

With this arrangement, it’s very unlikely we’ll see a repeat of 2003 when Elgin could not agree on a replacement for the late Marie Yearman.

More on this later because the dentist awaits. Pray for me!


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