I hope it’s not his evil twin!

Some sage physicists posit a theory that, as a direct result of every decision we make, we immediately branch into an alternate quantum Universe that, for better or worse, supports that line of thinking. It’s kinda like a scientific form of Karma. And I think I’ve found the evidence they’ve been lookin’ for.

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis

Because that type quantum shifting is the only possible explanation for some of the progressive things we’re suddenly  hearing from U.S. Senate candidate, Jim Oberweis.

First, after his head nearly exploded over the Obama increase proposal, Jim just advocated raising the state’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 for those 26 and older. And’s that right up this author’s moderate Republican alley!

We certainly don’t want the minimum wage to become a job mobility trap, but we definitely need to have some balance restored to the financial force. And this plan will do just that.

Even more shocking, at an April 22 Chicago business conference on immigration reform, not only did Jim apologize for his ill-conceived 2004 Soldier Field helicopter flight, but he firmly declared that undocumented workers should be offered “non-immigrant visas” and he’d support a path to citizenship for children brought into the country illegally.

Holy crap!

Please don’t get me wrong, Jim didn’t exactly go all Rachel Maddow on us. He still doesn’t see much merit in the Senate’s current reform plan, he still believes in stronger border control, and he doesn’t favor citizenship for illegal adults.

But if you had told me this immigration hawk would ever declare, “I regret the harsh tone of my rhetoric ten years ago,” I woulda told your significant other to lock up the liquor cabinet.

Now, before you chalk this off as pure purple state pandering, and even though I sometimes have fun with the State Senator, it would behoove the GOP to sit up and take note. Because for a guy who often steps right in it, Jim’s political stances have proven to be strangely prophetic.

Think about it! Jim was a Tea Partier long before that jackass Rick Santelli managed to get a microphone and anyone had even conceived of the term. I’m not saying that far right GOP swing was a good thing (and it’s still primarily racist), but Jim Oberweis was the trendsetter.

So who knows? Maybe this sudden shift towards the middle will be a harbinger of better Republican things to come. Well, either that or a whole lot ’em need to be visited by three ghosts.



2 thoughts on “I hope it’s not his evil twin!

  1. As a fellow moderate Republican, I agree and hope this is the start of a pragmatic shift in the GOP.

  2. It strikes me this is proof an old dog can learn new tricks. Of course it took 5 or 6 lost elections for the lesson to sink in. The real question is how long these new views will last if he actually wins and moves to Washington. The other thing we’re seeing here is that his election to the statehouse was just a placeholder; if I lived in his state district I’d be rather unhappy. Especially since he hasn’t done a bad job there.

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