So here’s who wants to serve Elgin – Part 1

As promised, with applications in hand, it’s time to take a closer look at those folks who want to fill former Elgin Alderman Anna Moeller’s ample shoes. Since the council voted five to three to replace her, Elgin will indeed, have a new Wednesday night face.

And the fact that the Elgin City Council is elected at-large always makes this kind of thing more interesting. So here are the first seven in alphabetical order:

1. Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke

From the east side, Michael has run for city council before, but he didn’t fare too well in the 2013 primary for the two year seat. He works for U-46, graduated from the Elgin Leadership Academy, complete the Elgin Police Academy, and he’s certainly been an active area volunteer.  Mike swears he will be “able to hit the ground running.”

Given his community involvement, Michael is worth some serious consideration.

2. Barry Kevin DeLoncker, Jr.

Another east sider. And how do I put this tactfully…I wish Barry’s application had been more “polished.”  On the plus side, he has a positive attitude, he volunteers at a local nursing home and works at Bluff City Metal and Recycling in Elgin.

I really don’t think he’ll make the short list, but you gotta give him credit for putting it out there.

3. Craig Dresang

Craig was also a contender for that two year city council seat, but he made it through the primary to the general election. But then he then ran into the Toby Shaw buzz saw. Please note that Toby lost the first time, but learned from his mistakes and came back very strong.

And BTW, with Craig, the east side makes it three for three.

I could keep talking, but Craig said it best, “I would bring 20 years of exceptional business acumen and experience as a relationship manager and communications professional to the council. My eight years of work as a neighborhood and civic volunteer reveals a track record of someone who wants to help Elgin be all it could be.”

My guess, he’ll probably make the final three.

4. Mitchell Esterino

And we have our third 2013 city council candidate, but this one’s a 22-year resident from the west side of Elgin. He works for the Visiting Nurse Association, he’s a Lions Club member, a Community Crisis Center volunteer, and a  Boys and Girls Club committee member.

Mitchell also has the best bleepin’ handwriting of any human being I’ve ever seen. He cites his long history of Elgin involvement as his main qualification and that makes him another very strong contender.

5. Gary A. Fagan

We’re back to the west side with Mr. Fagan. Gary works for Harting Manufacturing as an electrical engineer and he would bring a strong facility infrastructure management/code enforcement slant to the city council. He’s also strong in accounting.

I’m not sure if this means anything, but his application submission may well have been the biggest. Being a bike commuter, Gary wants to make Elgin a “more bike and pedestrian friendly.” I gotta say he’s worthy of consideration.

6. Ana M. Gomez

Our first woman! (And a Hispanic one too!) I was getting a little worried there. Ana, who graduated from Elgin High School, manages a $1.4 million territory for Imagine Learning of Provo, Utah selling educational technology solutions to school districts.

Her’s may be one of the more sparse applications, but those Toaists love to say that “less is more” and sometimes there’s something to that.

A west sider, Ana wants the opportunity to “give back and be a part of the city council.”  She’s probably not as strong a candidate as some of the others, but I really like her attitude.

7. Robert Grens

Another west side denizen, Robert is a retiree who volunteers at St. Joe’s Hospital and has served as the 22nd precinct committeeman.  He lists his qualifications as staying “involved through news, magazines and newspapers in what is happening in Elgin and the world.”

Stay tuned for the next magnificent seven.


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