The contenders for Elgin City Council are…

Though the City in the Suburbs has been having a little trouble with the Open Meetings Act, I firmly believe there was no ill intent when, in closed session, they voted five to three to fill the vacancy left by our newest State Rep, Anna Moeller.

With the aldermanic application deadline being close of business yesterday (4/21), these are the 21 contenders in alphabetical order:

  • Michael K. “Big Mike” DeBrocke  elgin
  • Barry Kevin DeLoncker, Jr.
  • Craig Dresang
  • Mitchell Esterino
  • Gary A. Fagan
  • Ana M. Gomez
  • Robert Grens
  • Herbert Gross
  • Jaime Hjelm
  • Mohammad ” Mo” Igbal
  • Michael Kahn
  • Alberto Lopez
  • Rosamaria D. Martinez
  • Maura Wood Maschinski
  • Fred H. Moulton
  • Franklin Ramirez
  • Michael J. Robins
  • Julie Ann Schmidt
  • Aaron B. Sellers
  • Kevin D. Sherman
  • John N. Walters

And remember, you heard it here first! Tomorrow, we’ll delve a little deeper into their qualifications.

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