Another side of the 43rd story!

So shortly after posting my “As the 43rd District Turns” theory, I received a cordial, but insistent call from Elgin County Board Member Cristina Castro. She explained that fiance Joe McKeown was completely innocent of the over-lobbying charges I’d leveled against him.  castro3

She said Joe was simply supportive and it was she who took the lead on seeking that possible 43rd State Rep appointment herself. And one of Cristina’s charms has always been that she manages to be no shrinking violet without going overboard (too often). So as I was speaking with one of my favorite County Commissioners, her version of then events wasn’t all that difficult to believe.

Being the team player she is, Cristina said her former rival, Elgin City Councilwoman Anna Moeller, would make a great State Rep and she absolutely refused to speculate on why the Democrats went in the direction they did.

Back when the powers that be were considering Keith Farnham’s replacement, one of the theories was that House Speaker  Mike Madigan would only give his blessing to the candidate most likely to toe the company line. He certainly has that kind of reputation.

But I had dismissed that possibility because Elgin aldermen don’t get all that much attention outside of the city in the suburbs and I certainly don’t see Moeller as a pawn on anyone’s political chess board. While there’s no doubt that Mr. Madigan wields an inordinate amount of Springfield power, Moeller’s far west suburban fortunes won’t rise and fall on the whims of a guy from Chicago who’s always inches away from criminal charges and wants to take the whole state down with him.

I suppose the proof will be in that voting track record pudding.

In my defense, I did try to talk with Cristina on a number of occasions over the past month and we couldn’t seem to connect. But I certainly appreciate her taking the time to set the record straight – from her perspective.

We here at The First Ward are nothing but fair!

Now we’ll see what happens in November!

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