Quick Hit: Ah well…it was worth a try!

True to my previous blog post word, I gave Elburn Trustee Ethan Hastert a call and did my damndest to convince him that the 14th Congressional District was ripe for the taking. But alas, my fervent hopes were summarily dashed.

Ethan Hastert

Ethan Hastert

He ain’t running anytime soon.

Citing the family obligations generally generated by four children, Ethan said he was quite happy serving the citizens of Elburn. And when you consider that I can barely handle two kids, I found it very difficult to mount any kind of counter argument. Apparently the fact that Randy Hultgren really needs to go wasn’t nearly enough to convince him.

He didn’t completely dismiss the political possibility, but it’s unlikely to happen before his children matriculate from college. So I suppose we’ll have to wait.

But I certainly enjoyed our conversation.



4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Ah well…it was worth a try!

  1. So, get to work and find another candidate…

  2. I’m on it dude!

  3. You could go Democratic and vote for Anderson.

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