The 4-17-14 (a palindrome) Left, Right and You is…

…right here for you listening pleasure:

We talked about former LR&Y co-host Allen Skillicorn leaving the show because he made the leap to Kane County Republican Vice-Chairman and we couldn’t be happier for him. Allen will be great in that role.

Anna Moeller

Anna Moeller

We talked about Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell being the perfect Kane County Republican Chairman  even though that dastardly county board member Kurt Kojzarek had the nerve to insult my honor by insinuating that my support of Mr. Hartwell would immediately cause the GOP precinct committeemen to rethink their vote.

The nerve of that man!

And a big thank you to former Elgin City Councilwoman and current State Rep Anna Moeller for calling in and putting the final nail in the coffin of the TLC mobile ultrasound van story. While I certainly respect pro-lifers’ convictions, if any of them show up at State Rep. Moeller’s Elgin town hall meeting next week to wreak havoc, I will personally start taking on your movement.

And if you think that’s not a threat, then please ask former County Chairman Karen McConnaughay why she had to flee Kane County with her tail between her legs. Please fight the good fight and keep it above board.

Enjoy the show!


2 thoughts on “The 4-17-14 (a palindrome) Left, Right and You is…

  1. . . I’d like to join you on the show . . . BUT . . I fear I have become LEFT of you now . . . .

  2. J.,

    Let me know when you want to be on the show, but please be sure and take your Ritalin that day.


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