Allen Skillicorn is a great choice for KC GOP vice chairman

It is with a heavy heart that I bid a final farewell to Left, Right and You co-host Allen Skillicorn. My loyal readers already know that, this morning, we broke the news that Allen will be appointed to the Kane County Republican vice-chairmanship.

And I can’t think of a better person to step into that role.

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

In most political cases, a vice anything is simply a ceremonial appointment intended to assuage the inevitable hard feeling of a faction on the outs. But that’s not the case here. Allen has a unique energy and persistence that will give meaning to the gig at a time when the KC GOP majority is on the verge of being no sure thing.

My fondest wish is that Allen will let go of some of his harder right leanings and apply his vast persistence towards  insisting that local GOP bodies remember, first and foremost, they’re supposed to the the party of fiscal conservatism.

It’s the height of oxymoron-ism that, despite being dominated by the GOP.  Kane, Kendall, DuPage and McHenry counties have to endure a tax burden that ranks among the highest in the nation.

The bottom line is that the Left, Right and You team wishes Allen nothing but further success!

One thought on “Allen Skillicorn is a great choice for KC GOP vice chairman

  1. This guy is way too far right leaning for me. In a discourse between us, he refused to respond to simple questions and comments and instead just pushed his agenda. I can’t even compare him to Rauner, who is all big business at the expense of anyone in the 99%, but Rauner is far more savvy.

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