Quick Hit: Really Jim?

Now, I’m really trying to avoid having fun with Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis because it’s already been done. But sometimes when someone serves you a lob…

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis

So during last night’s mutual Tea Party stroke fest at the Arcada Theater in beautiful downtown St. Charles, Jim did his very best to whip up the faithful fervor with a chant of, “Millionaire. Career politician. Dick Durbin must go!”

Oh lord! Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Of course, the obvious problem with Jim’s assessment is that he made $1.3 million last year and he’s run for office more times than well…anybody. No irony there!

Then he told the politically challenged Tea Party throng to throw off the shackles of the GOP man and, “Take over the Republican Party. You are the answer.”

The only way that declaration will ever work is if the question is, “Who’s dragging the Republican Party down to the lowest common denominator and making their candidates virtually unelectable.”

Bottom line? Durbin gets 60 percent of the November vote without even breaking a sweat.

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