Welcome to my friends down under

I’m not sure I can explain this particular phenomenon, but suddenly, this blog has a spate of hits from the  ozwonderful folks from the great land of Oz.

Being the magnanimous host you all know I am, the least I can do is welcome all my new Australian friends with a hearty g’day mate. Why I may even try to speak in their native tongue!

So, per our new Left, Right and You theme song (Piece of the Sun by local artist Dave Ramont), let’s all head over to the billabong and tear off a piece of the sun.

Though I have to say, what the hell is vegemite?

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my friends down under

  1. Worry not! The Aussies will tell you all about Vegemite.

    If you are unlucky, they’ll even send you sample of it.

    (PS: It’s a spread for bread, like jam, but a whole lot different.)

  2. Let’s just say it’s an acquired taste, which I chose not to acquire after trying it once.

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