It’s D. J. Tegeler by seven votes!

That’s right! The Kane County Third Subcircuit electoral fat lady has finally sung. And you all had the nerve to try and tell me your vote doesn’t really matter. Shame on you! Why, I’m even startin’ to think my previous endorsement of the now impending Judge Tegeler might have made a difference.  tegeler

Will we see a discovery recount? Probably. Any candidate who comes within 5 percent is certainly entitled to it, but the truth is, with today’s electronic voting machines, you can win by 1 vote and nothing will change. Therefore, if D. J.’s opponent is smart, she’ll dust herself off, congratulate D. J., and graciously concede.

There’s always the next election.

To those who supported D. J., celebrating is fine, but gloating has a way of inviting karma to come in and make a point. Let’s set the example by taking the high road because it was a hard fought contest between two worthy opponents who each worked their posteriors off. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

Now, on to bringing the kind of justice to Kane County that makes us all proud.



2 thoughts on “It’s D. J. Tegeler by seven votes!

  1. . . It was Fixed . . . . . Oh . . Sir Alex is back . . .

  2. Jeff, the fact is DJ’s opponent is not smart, otherwise she would have addressed questions about her bias and party affiliation during the campaign, rather than go into hiding and having her minions gripe about “fairness.” What’s fair is that selected, not elected associate judge Kostelny should resign, as the taxpayers have clearly stated they don’t want her, even as a babysitter for delinquents in Drug Court.

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