So Where’s All the Conservative Outrage?

I know exactly what my Left, Right and You co-host Allen Skillicorn is gonna say even before I put this virtual pen to paper. “There he goes whacking conservatives again. Doesn’t have anything positive to say?”

Though there may be something to that, my ultimate defense is, whenever I go after Tea Party

The NATO 3

The NATO 3

conservatives, it’s typically because I’ve discovered some sort of glaring inconsistency. For example, Allen is one of the few “conservatives” who understands that when you apply the word “fiscal” before that sainted term, it must apply to absolutely everything to have meaning.

So when conservatives demand less spending on social programs, but insist upon throwing tons of cash to defense contractors even though we spend more on those programs than the next 13 countries combined, I have a problem.

To that end, as I was reading the Sunday Chicago Tribune (which is journalistically sinking faster than Chris Christie’s presidential hopes) this morning, I ran across a story that should have conservatives shaking in their fear of big brother and excessive government shoes.

But there’s been nary a peep!

What I’m referring to, of course, is the ongoing Cook County “trial” of the sinister so-called “NATO 3, ” the trio of twenty-something mopes that supposedly conspired to bring the 2012 NATO summit to it’s knees through various acts of violence. I put the word “trial” in quotes because trying these idiots as terrorists is a complete travesty of justice.

The sad truth is, if it weren’t for the insistent goading of a first-time undercover female CPD officer who pushed them along every step of the way, these miscreants wouldn’t have found their way out of a paper bag, must less blow it up! The only reason one of the defendants went along with it is because he wanted to impress the officer.

How many stupid things have each of us done to impress a woman who really wasn’t worth impressing?

And all the evidence for my anti-prosecution and oblivious conservative tirade comes directly from the government’s own undercover tapes.

For example, these “terrorists” were going to employ a single slingshot with marbles as ammunition to “attack” the Obama campaign headquarters’ windows in the Prudential building, but they gave up when they couldn’t find the address online.

One of the defendants built a seven-foot plywood shield with screws protruding from the front, but abandoned it when they couldn’t figure out how to get it downtown.

Another concocted a mortar with firecrackers and PVC pipe only to convert it into a flagpole.

Then they were going to attack four police stations, but dismissed that notion when faced with the prospect of yet another Google search.

The tapes show the undercover officers were clearly annoyed by the fact this group simply could not focus nor could they get anything done. The only reason the incendiary devices ever made is because an undercover cop dragged a defendant to the gas station and then helped him make the Molotov cocktails!

Then, despite the fact the officers couldn’t convince them to test just one of the Molotovs, the trio was arrested later that night. If having a big mouth was illegal, then Rush Limbaugh and every Tea Partier would’ve been put in jail a long time ago.

This “investigation” makes the IRS “suppression” of Tea Party groups look like a fucking group hug! So where’s all the conservative outrage? C’mon! This is everything Tea Partiers hate.

We’ve got massive government overreach. There’s big brother to an obscene level – 16 separate cops were watching this group. It’s a perfect example of misappropriating resources and it’s a clear political ploy to justify spending millions of dollars on summit security and the militarization of our police forces.

But because it doesn’t involve defending rich folks, slamming poor folks, dissing Democrats, supporting Sarah Palin, or listening to Fox News, they don’t really give a shit. With every omission, the conservative façade is pulled back to reveal nothing more than a pure self-interest generated from massive egos and a plethora of insecurities.

But they will take on everything the black guy does.

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