Republicans hate (non-prescription) drugs, but they certainly seem to take them

Jesus Christ. For those of you who watched the return of Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday, what the hell drug is Mary Matalin on?

While I firmly believe it’s fascinating that Democratic consultant James Carville is married to GOP matalinconsultant Mary Matalin, and one would think having both of them on Real Time at the same time would be a fascinating endeavor. But, holy shit! Either Ms. Matalin was fucking drunk or she’d taken one too many oxycontins.

She was slurring her words, swaying back and forth and it seemed like she had a facelift that tightened things up too much or her teeth were accidentally superglued together.

Though I don’t nearly always agree with Mr. Carville (especially on minimum wage), he was lucid and made his points. But as far as Ms. Matalin goes, it’s almost as if towing the the Republican bottom line for years takes it’s toll. Have any of you seen Mitch McConnell?

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