So even though you know what 2014 will bring…

…you still have to listen to the show! And you can do that right here:

Jeff’s predictions for 2014 include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. The national Tea Party begins their steep slide into obscurity.
  2. Obamacare gets fixed and gets a better than 50 percent approval rating.
  3. Immigration reform will fail and so will the GOP’s chances at the November polls.
  4. Pope Francis continues to upend the Catholic Church and Catholics start coming back!
  5. The stock market, economy and housing market will continue to make record gains.
  6. The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup – again!
  7. NSA data gathering will ultimately be found unconstitutional.
  8. Democrats will retain the Senate.
  9. Afghanistan continues to implode.
  10. Sales of Doritos go up 300 percent in Colorado.

Thanks to Pete for calling in and enjoy the show!

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