Some golfers really are pussies

My long-time readers will note that, some years ago, I wrote a column on the inane Tiger Woods’ saga in which I asserted, “… [Tiger] Woods isn’t an athlete because golf isn’t a sport…Those golf sissies make spectators quiet down before they take a shot at a stationary ball. Frankly, I’m surprised any golfer was man enough to have a wife and 14 girlfriends.”

But I had no idea how prophetic those words would be.  Sony Open in Hawaii - Second Round

You see, according to  European Tour sponsors, PGA golfers Dustin Johnson and Zach Johnson bailed on the Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea due to, “perceived unrest on the Korean peninsula.”

Really? The only unrest on that fricken’ peninsula is a result of Kim Jong Un’s flapping gums as he tries to bring South Koera to the bargaining table by making over-the-top threats to destroy their economy.  And when two idiot golfers make a point out of capitulating to that kind of empty intimidation, there’s only one word that describes them and I used it in the title.

The North Korean army has miserable morale, outdated equipment, and just 30 days of fuel. There ain’t gonna be no war. So why not make a stand by going over to South Korea and, while you’re there, visiting any of the 30,000 U.S. troops stationed there. Not only would it boost their morale, but it would give Mr. Un what for!

It may be true that Dustin Johnson’s Foundation gives money to wounded soldiers, but when you make that kind of cash, writing a check is literally the least you can do. And he certainly seemed to love all those photo ops with SOWW members (Special Operations Wounded Warriors).

These professional athletes just love to pay lip service to “supporting our troops” and country, but when it’s time to put their sorry necks on the line they back down faster than George W. Bush in a military induction center.

I can’t wait to hear all the conservatives try to defend them.

3 thoughts on “Some golfers really are pussies

  1. Jeff you are incorrigible… Who next? Musicians? I am totally offended since they eat dog in Korea… What next? Up with Cannibals?

    Golf is the only sport where people are expected to shut up during a performance! Golf (like any athletes) are not part of the social consciousness… they are highly paid entertainers. You want to see a real sport? Put Rachael Maddow and Glen Beck in a ring and watch them duke it out! I would pay to watch that (and it would have a more positive effect on society)!

  2. P.S. I Love to golf 🙂

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