How can I miss you if you wont go away?

Though that’s something my not-so-sainted mother used to say, it certainly fits our former Kane County Chairman Karen McConnaughay. The truth is, I’d really like to have the opportunity to miss her a whole lot more.

Look! Even I know the campaign’s over, she’s generally out of our collar county hair, and she’s been relegated the role of an utterly ineffective Illinois freshman GOP state senator. To put it a little more succinctly, “Oh how the mighty have fallen!”

So even though ignoring her former highness is the better part of valor (another mom saying), I just couldn’t pass this one up.  mcconnaughay

You see, our illustrious 33rd District state senator is co-sponsoring a bill that would overrule the Citizens United decision and thus, limit the amount of money corporations could dump into the political process.

And I have no clue how she managed to say this with a straight face, “Last November, 74 percent of Kane County voters supported reversing the Citizens United ruling. Today I’m proud to stand in agreement with my constituents. We need to tilt the balance of power back toward the people by limiting the overwhelming influence of corporate entities.”

There’s nothing quite like taking a stand on a controversial issue, is there?

Of course, this is all noise and blather because it would take a constitutional amendment to do the trick and, even though the bill has bi-partisan sponsorship, those Chicago Democrats will surely see it never gets the required three-fifths majority needed to pass.

Ms. McConnaughay just loves to govern by polls, doesn’t she! Remember how she suddenly stuck her neck out and came out against red light cameras? Didn’t LBJ unsuccessfully try this kind of thing back in the 60s?

And isn’t it ironic that, during her county board tenure, McConnaughay’s campaign coffers took in $1.5 million, almost exclusively from corporations with county contracts.

Of course she wants to pass this amendment now! It would be far more difficult to unseat her without all that corporate free speech to fall back on.

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